TEFL Course Booked

Well compared to last entry, things are going well. For the time being at least.

I have one more week to go till its my Counselling Assessment. I am a little nervous about it to be honest. The last time I was very depressed and close to committing suicide, I never actually asked for any help. I was so confused and helpless. So I am worried that there is some unresolved issues that will be dealt with that I don’t really want to face again. Its in the past and that is where it belongs. But on the other hand. If it makes me better then I guess its worth it. As long as they don’t stop me from going to Japan, then I don’t really mind.

As you can guess from the title, I’ve booked myself in the two day TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course. I found a job listed on the TEFL site for a placement in Japan for 12/13 months working as an English Teaching Assistant in any prefecture in Japan. I told about 3 people at work, and they all supported me and said I should go for it. So When I got home, I did. Although its in August and its two days at Southampton. If it gives me a TEFL qualification, then I’m all for it. Then I can apply for a placement in Japan on the last day with my Tutor’s help.

It will be strange leaving England behind for a full year, but as someone said to me “What have you got to lose? Surely it’s better to try it and perhaps not like it than to spend your while life regretting not doing it. Be confident young lady.” Although my mother and younger brother disapproves. I still want to go. It might even help me get into teaching, which is something I’ve been interested in doing but I don’t think I’m a good enough to be a dance teacher. So why not teach a subject that I know. Although I’m really not that great at English. I’m better than some.

So if you live in Japan and I have you as a friend, then if your interested in meeting up, LET ME KNOW!!!

On another note;
To help boost my confidence a little. I finally got my hair coloured and cut!! I’m totally loving it right now! [link]

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