Trapped in Hell!!

Ok so I don’t know how many people know what my job is, so if you didn’t know I am a Bar and Restaurant Casual at a Sailing Club on the Isle of Wight. But really my job sucks!!!!!! I would gladly go back to Uni for free and spend another three years there. Honestly, anything will be better than remaining in a job where my work hardly goes unnoticed. Only some of the customers who I serve thank me for looking after them and give like £9 in tips, which sadly gets shared between the kitchen staff and other waiting staff, So for all my hard work I don’t even get much at all. Plus the fact that when I do work I get shouted at by the head chef for not doing work when I am trying to take a breather.

Recently, I’ve been working on shifts where there is only two waiting staff on and I am the one running around trying to do almost everything and no one else notices. It just takes the buscit when I tried so hard to do a good job and look after customers that it goes unnoticed and I end up coming home really stressed because I don’t get rewarded. Its just a good thing that I only asked for a few shifts a week so I can study Web Design (which I haven’t really doing… well unless you count working photoshop??). But I quit once and thenI got a call like the next day asking for me to go back and I stupidly did. I am such a idiot for doing that!!!

The other thing that gets me, is that most of them are really nosey too. They are always asking how my relationship is going and two of them even keep asking me if I have left him yet? Just because its a long distance relationship, it doesn’t mean its already going to clearly fail. We will have been dating for two years in November. I know I feel about him because it took me a year for my feelings to show and I am not going to let it slip away from me that easily. I even don’t talk about my personal life that much with them because they don’t understand and its a good think I don’t too. My experience in life has taught me to trust wisely and never trust too easily!

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