Why is it?

Why is it that when people say “You can talk to me any time you want”. Yet when you want to talk them about something that is really getting you down, you can’t find them. Its either that or if they are around, you can’t feel like you can talk to them. For me, it is either because I don’t want to alter their mood or it is because I don’t know how to really word what I am really feeling. I can’t explain things well and I really do try to keep it simple but when I do that, it still won’t make any difference. I can pour my heart out only for someone to just say “its ok”. I mean come one, I’ve actually opened up to you and all you can say is “its ok”. Its obvious not ok if I am sat here, almost crying my eyes out and asking for help.

It would really be nice for once, for someone to not just say those two words, but to carry on with the bloody sentence. If someone is asking for help, then for goodness sake, give it to them and really be supportive.

I’ve tried countless times to go to someone for help. Which is rather rare for me. So for me to ask someone to listen to me, is a big thing yet when I do, all I seem to do is just talk about things. I hardly get advise or even good advise. I am just left there hanging on by a thread till it just breaks and I am left on the ground in pieces.

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